Re: Query...

Jess Stuart (
Thu, 28 Sep 1995 11:21:44 -0700 (PDT)

> Fellow modelers:
> In October, our club is going to have the annual kit auction, where
> people in the club can bring in their models/modeling stuff. I plan
> on getting rid of a few things, as well as try and "introduce" people
> to WW1 modeling (in 1/72nd, naturally ;-)). I was planning on
> "packaging" together five or six Revell/ESCI and Airfix kits and
> selling them as a "lot".

I like this idea 8^)

> My query is this: what would you consider a great "intro package"?
> I know Steve would say "keep it all German", but I would like to run
> the full gamut. I have plenty of "spare" Airfix and Revell/ESCI kits
> lying around, so it won't bust me "plastically". Here's what I was
> thinking of:
> Airfix Sopwith Pup
> Airfix SPAD 7
> Revell Fokker Dr.I
> Revell Fokker D.VII
> Revell/ESCI Nieuport 17

I would include a Sopwith Camel as it would make a nice match
with the Fokker Dr.I. I imagine a non WWI buff would think of the
'Red Baron's red Dr.I that was shot down by some guy in a Sopwith Camel'
before they think of Bishop or Guynemmer (sp?) flying a Nieuport 17.

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