Re: SE5a

Erik Pilawskii (
Thu, 28 Sep 1995 13:29:00 -0700 (PDT)

> I've got a Vac Nieuport Type L and possibly one of the Albatros C series,
> but I'm assuming you were talking injection.

Heh! Vac, indeed! Yes, I like injection technology.... >;^)
> I'm currently working on: Rosemont Resin Nieuport Tripe for myself and
> a Fokker D-VII (Revell) and Sopwith 1 1.2 (Pegasus) for a friend. We use
> the built models for Air-to-Air combat wargames afterwards that's why I'm
> building 2 for a friend. He's reciprocating by scratch building me some
> 1/76 scale houses for another wargame I do. That way we both get the best
> craftsmanship in each of them. (He's better at the buildings)

Ah! Should'a guessed. Blue Max. A worthy cause. I'd have grabbed the
Tripe for me, except that a) the one I got from you turned out delightfully,
and b) it was a flying pain-in-the-ass to rig! I'm still plodding along on
my Merlin AEG G.IV. And my Junk D.I project, which is close to done,
though it didn't actually come out as well as I'd hoped. I guess this is
to be expected when trying such a novel method. But, perhaps on a J.I,
I'd use the same technique again-- with more experience, I think it will
produce excellent results. Next up, M-S Type N for competition (yikes),
and a nice RE.8.
> Oh, I'm not totally desperate for the Se5a...yet. so if you don't like the vacs
> hang onto the Se5a for now. I'll get a check in the mail for the Tripe.
Heh heh heh, me pretty.... Soon you'll be a beggin' me, ya scurvey load
a loud larna' luff lag 'o limerick.... (???) [ahem] Well, anyway, it's
not like I'm going to build it right away.... Check in mail= Good.
"Neither shall the depths of Almighty Space deter me from the pursuit of
freely won flight, nor the great perils of Navigation by Machine through
the Air. Thus will I go-- and not a minute too soon-- though perhaps it
be for the last time...."
Cecil R. Rodrick, on the eve of his death over
the Western Atlantic, 16 September 1920.