RE: WW I armor
29 Sep 95 07:23:00 EDT

Howdy Matt,

Having just returned from 5 days in the wilderness I see youve written:

>Were there? If so, and if anyone has these prints, can I obtain some
>photocopies? A fellow club modeler - who only has a passing interest
>in WW1, unfortunately - scaled "down" the Tauro A7V. However, I read
>somewhere that the Tauro was a bit out of scale. Unfortunately, he
>also didn't save the specs as he scaled down.
>I would be willing to pay for a copy of the Bellona prints for the
>A7V. I think someone mentioned before that Bellona also did one on
>the Ft17. I too need these prints/articles. Thanks.

Please pardon my ignorance, but is an A7V one of them big green ugly
mobile metal thingies the Germans used in THE war?

If it is, there's a rather nice one ("Mephisto") at the museum about 200
yards from my PC. If you'd like me to run a tape over the critical
dimensions, and take some photos to confirm the Tauro kit scale I'd be
happy to do so.