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Fri, 29 Sep 1995 07:25:33 -0500

On 29 Sep 95 at 7:23, typed diligently:

> Howdy Matt,


> Having just returned from 5 days in the wilderness I see youve written:

Ooh...Sounds like fun! I've been wanting to "camp" all summer, but
due to the four-month old boy, haven't been able to. Next year,

> Please pardon my ignorance, but is an A7V one of them big green ugly
> mobile metal thingies the Germans used in THE war?


> If it is, there's a rather nice one ("Mephisto") at the museum about 200
> yards from my PC. If you'd like me to run a tape over the critical
> dimensions, and take some photos to confirm the Tauro kit scale I'd be
> happy to do so.

That would be great. However, I'll go one farther and say that we
get a copy of the pictures to Al to put on the web page.


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