160hp Mercedes...

Matt Bittner (meba@cso.com)
Mon, 2 Oct 1995 08:28:41 -0500

Having been to the contest in St. Jo, MO this past Saturday, I just
HAD to take the treck to Kansas City, to Waldo's hobby shop. (For
those who don't know, if you are in the KC area, stop and check them
out. You will be glad you did. They had a few Aurora kits, plenty
of old Revell kits, plus some other stuff you might be surprised
at.) While there not only did I pick up a 1/72nd ESCI Opel Blitz (my
other modeling passion), but I also picked up an Engines & Things
(E&T) 160hp Mercedes in 1/72nd. Here are my comments:

For $1.95, you can't go wrong. When I compared it side by side with
an Aeroclub, it looks like an exact copy (maybe they molded theirs
from Aerolcub?), except for the mounting posts. It's made out of (it
appears) injected plastic. There is some flash; unfortunately,
around some of the "finer" parts, which when cleaned resulted in
those parts breaking. It does NOT come with an exhaust, whereas the
Aeroclub does (or at least the Aeroclub I bought did, which was a
couple of years ago).

Disadvantages: not too many. It's not very clean, but it looks like
a Mercedes - if you think that the Aeroclub looks like one. The
lower part of the engine (the oil pan?) on my sample is a bit
"concave", meaning that it "bends in" toward the center. Not a big
problem, especially since most in-lines were "encased" by the
fuselage. If you want to open the cowel panels, then get the
Xtraparts Mercedes. Another "disadvantage" is that the company is
labeling this as a 160, 180 AND 200 hp. From what I can remember,
all three are different.

My recommendations: if you can, still but the Xtraparts Mercedes.
However, I haven't been able to find any, and I also heard the price
is increasing (from $3.95 to $6.95). Can anybody confirm this? Can
anybody tell me a source for these? Rosemont can't get them in, and
if the price is going to increase, might not carry them. Yes, the
Xtraparts Mercedes is exquisite, but I'm not sure if I can justify
$6.95 when either the Aeroclub or E&T will work as well. I think it
would be great if a US model maker can come out with a Mercedes as
nice as the Xtraparts (E&T is a Canadian company).

If you can't find the Xtraparts, then it's up to you which other
Mercedes you buy. The Aeroclub can be a little "crisper", but my
sample I bought for $3.00. A lot of people will probably buy the E&T
one, just due to cost.

I haven't compared either Mercedes to the real thing (drawings, or
otherwise), so I don't know how accurate they are. I would guess
that the Xtraparts is the most accurate, since they have so much
more molded in detail, and it appears that the researched it a bit
more. Has anybody compared either to drawings?


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