Re: 160hp Mercedes...

Allan Wright (
Mon, 2 Oct 1995 09:58:15 -0400 (EDT)

Matt Said:
> Having been to the contest in St. Jo, MO this past Saturday, I just
> HAD to take the treck to Kansas City, to Waldo's hobby shop. (For
> those who don't know, if you are in the KC area, stop and check them
> out. You will be glad you did. They had a few Aurora kits, plenty
> of old Revell kits, plus some other stuff you might be surprised
> at.) While there not only did I pick up a 1/72nd ESCI Opel Blitz (my
> other modeling passion), but I also picked up an Engines & Things
> (E&T) 160hp Mercedes in 1/72nd. Here are my comments:

Which Revell's? What's the phone number of Waldo's hobby shop? Will they
do an order over the phone and ship it?


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