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Matt Bittner (
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 12:18:18 -0500

On 13 Sep 95 at 10:47, C.P. Hart typed diligently:

> Matt has written:
> >However, I found something a little more interesting in the add for
> >Stuempfle's Military Miniatures. Leva productions has a 1/72nd WWI
> >_Mk. I_ male, in resin. Price is $13.00. Hmm... Can anyone guess
> >what my next purchase is going to be? And here I was complaining
> >that Airfix hasn't re-released their _Mk.IV_ male yet...
> >
> Am I missing something here, or just ignorant, I thought that the
> Airfix kit was the Mk.I Male tank, complete with its trailing steering
> gear. What is the going price for one of these kits these days on the old
> kit market ??

Whoops! Seems like I was wishful thinking, there.

Well, <rub rub> I picked one up at the '94 Nationals for $3.00. Got
lucky on that one. One of the vendors had boxes that were marked
"Everything: $3.00". Started rummaging through it, started to give
up - actually told myself "after the next kit, I'll leave" - turned
over the next kit, and Voila! That was the biggest want (need?) I
had at the Nat's. Heck, I would have been happy if I hadn't taken
any awards after finding that!

However, I would guess that had the vendor known what he had, I
probably would have paid a lot more for it than $3.00.


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