Re: Fuel tanks

Mark K. Nelson (
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 20:43:42 -0700

>On 9 Sep 95 at 20:46, Jesse Thorn muttered:
>> I was trying to figure out what color to paint a fuel tank the other
>> night and realized I had only vague ideas as to what materials were used
>> in their construction. Brass? Steel? Aluminum? The tank is for a
>> Halberstatd CL II circa 1918.
>A good guess would be either steel or aluminum. However, I would
>also suspect that it would have been sprayed the German gray-green,
>as most other "natural metal" was painted. I've found that Testor's
>"SAC Bomber Green" is an excellent shade for this gray-green.

The Eduard Albatros C.III instructions have you paint the tank "light
grey". In most color shots of interiors of German WW1 typesit looks like
Matts color is pretty close. Tamiya's RLM grey is another good choice.
(Metal parts in Albatros D.Va at Smithsonian for example)


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