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Matt Bittner (
Thu, 14 Sep 1995 07:43:28 -0500

Our monthly, local IPMS meeting was last night, and wanted to share a
part of it with ya'all.

Each monthly meeting we have a raffle, where we raffle off three (or
more) kits. Well, last night one of the kits that was being raffled
was Eduard's Hannover. I knew about this about three weeks ago, so I
decided to take some extra money, and try for it (even if it's in
that OTHER scale...). One buck will get you five tickets; if you
bring in a model for the contest, you get five more; if you wear a
club shirt that gains you another ticket; and wearing your club name
badge will also garner you one ticket. So, I spent two bucks, and
got 17 tickets. Guess whose number was the very first one called?
Wait for it...wait for it...ME! Hahahahahahahah. So, I spent two
dollars for a forty-dollar kit. Great odds if you ask me!! The
other two models being raffled are insignificant: a Testor's "car",
and an Italarei SU-22. Plastic fodder.

So, I've made this agreement with myself: when I win a model at any
time, that will be the next model I build - once I finish the current
project. However, it will have to wait, since the SAC Museum and
Offutt AFB has us doing another project: Since the 50th anniversary
of the AF is next year, they want us to build all SAC aircraft that
we can, and also throw in some "other" AF 'planes - all in 1/72nd
scale. See why this is the scale of master's?... :-o

Well, since there aren't any two-or-more wingers since that time, I
settled for something small - an Airfix O-1 Bird Dog - and something
with "kind of" more than one wing - a UH-1N Iroquios. So, I've put
the Roland away to concentrate on the O-1. Then, when that's done
I'll finish the Roland (the O-1 shouldn't take me that long), then
finish the UH-1N. After that, I can probably get to the Hannover.
In the estimable words of Tiny Elvis: "Man, that sucker's HUGE!"

I kind of wanted to explain the way our club puts on club contests.
Each month we have three contests: One is called "Open" where almost
anyone can enter. The second is called "Masters", which has the
criteria of winning x amount of awards (I think it's something like
five), or any National award. And the last contest is the monthly
theme, where a member (or two, or three...) sponsor a specific theme.
Last nights was "Century Series Fighters". This was the first night
where we had to split the Masters: ground targets...uh, armor, and
non-armor. The problem with these contests is that they're a
popularity contest. Which is a huge problem with me. Since I'm the
only "primary" WW1 builder, I tend to get beat out by the WW2 and/or
armor "crap". No one appeciates great work! :-)

Seriously, though, I have been told that. WW1 won't win because
there are too many people who don't know any different. So, unless
there's a theme dealing with something I can model WW1, I am bound to
loose. Also not a problem, since I'm not competeing with my peers.
It's so much better to get beat by Hustad, than it is by some
"crappy" Fw 190 (take it easy, Steve!).

Oh yea, what won last night? In the armor, it was (1st) a diorama in
1/35th (must be some old eyes around here! ;-)) centering on a Panzer
Ia; (2nd) a Russian 1/35th snow car powered by a propeller (still
can't see why they put that one in "armor" ;-)); and some other tank
that is really insignificant here. In the "non-armor", first place
went to a Sea Fury; second to a Fw 190 <gag, hack>; and third to a
rail-dragster. Those two "planes" (if we can call them that) were in
1/48th. Must be old, tired eyes again! :-)

Please note - all puns above were not meant to be offensive. Even
though my primary scale is 1/72nd (the Masters Scale), I too model
in 1/48th (the Scale of Kings). I've built a DML Dr.I, and I have
the DML Fokker D.VII, SPAD and another Dr.I; as well as Eduard's SSW
D.III, HB D.I, and now the Hannover Cl.IIIa; not to mention the
Blue Max Dr.I (which will probably never be built), Junkers D.I/J.9,
and Nieuport 11. So, I'll be "lowering" myself to the King level
here, in a little bit.


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