RE: More 1/48 Stuff in brief - MS-L
15 Sep 95 07:35:00 EDT

Hi Bill,

Yesterday I posted (in part):
>>but the photo in the Datafile (#16) seems to me to reasonably
>>clearly show square section framing. If this is so, the brass is
>>as good as any alternative.
>>BTW, I'd be interested to hear (and see) any other evidence that
>>the tube was round _before_ I build the ruddy thing :-0

And you replied (in part)

>Round or square, you can be pretty sure it wasn't brass! Brass is:
>a) too heavy, and
>b) not strong enough, and
>c) not used for any other WW1 (or pre-WW1) aircraft I am aware of.

Sorry I never made myself clear. What I meant was that the etched brass
provided _in the kit_, being of square section, would adequately
represent the original under a coat of paint. Had the photos shown a
tubular structure of circular x-section, I would have been inclined to
replace the kit brass with rod of some type.

Thats the trouble being an Aussie on this list - It's hard for we
non-English speakers sometimes ;-)