Italian Decals

C.P. Hart (
Thu, 14 Sep 1995 21:52:36 +0000

Matt and Bill have exchanged:

>> My references on the SVA-5 are pretty sparse, with no color. The kit
>>comes with Russian markings on the decals, but I'd rather build it in
>>Italian service. Before I spend $15 for the Windsock Datafi
>> e on a $5 kit that's not going into a contest, I figured I'd ask here.
>>The machine gun with the kit is pretty poor, so I'll either build one
>>from scrap or get an aftermarket one (or two?) Also, does
>> anyone know if the struts are bare metal, wood, or painted? If anyone
>>has any paint scheme suggestions, unit markings, etc., I'd greatly
>>appreciate them.
Some additional information about Italian aircraft is coming out in
Cross & Cockade International. There has already been one issue devoted to
Italian aircraft this year, there was a similar issue last year, certainly
good places to look. As for WW I references in general, we are very
fortunate, I think, to be active in this hobby at a time of such
availability of excellent reference material. One I think that is not
fully realized is the limited print runs of many of these publications.
For example C & C has less than 2500 members, the same for World War One
Aeroplanes. The recent Grosz book on Austro Hungarian aircraft had a print
run of 3000 copies. My feeling is that if there is information out there
and published and you would like it, buy it. If you lose interest or no
longer need it there is a market for your now, very likely out-of-print
book, perhaps for more than you paid for it originally. I think Mike
Franklin is finding something out about this now. In fact he has shown
that with a forum such as this one books andother information can be
quickly re-distributed to others who appreciate the value of the materials.
Having said my piece, I'll get off the soapbox.

>If you're looking for Italian, maybe try the Blue Rider line. Or, if
>you're not picky about making your own personal markings, you could
>get Americal/Gryphon Italian cockades (they do make these in 1/48th,
>correct?). If I remember - and if no one else responds - I'll try
>and bring in my Datafile tomorrow and give you the answers. My only
>internet connection is through work.

Italian cockades from Americal/Gryphon-- 1/72 scale Sheet #10
1/48 scale Sheet #50

$6.50 each plus postage

The address: Americal/Gryphon
4373 Varsity Lane
Houston TX 77004-6617