RE: More 1/48 Stuff in brief - MS-L
15 Sep 95 14:29:00 EDT


I thought of applying a little tension to all their pedal extremities but
wasn't sure they'd
"get 'ut"

Or explain why Professor Afferbeck Lauder calls our language "Strine"

Or even worse, send them a copy of anything John O'Grady (Nino Cullotta)
wrote !

But they're all such nice gents I'd hate to confuse them !

>> Thats the trouble being an Aussie on this list - It's hard for we
>> non-English speakers sometimes ;-)

> You're telling *me* this? 80)

They aren't the only ones confused. Have you misunderstood that I have
the Eduard Pup when we were discussing the Morane Saulnier L ? Or am I
confused by your reply? Or are we all suffering the general confusion
due to the mists of time ?