Re: Taube Info

Douglas R. Jones (
Fri, 15 Sep 1995 16:48:48 -0500

>He wants "Taube DOve of War" .. Contains lots of nice
> phots and is ALL taube data.
> or
> "Combat Profiles of WW1 Aircraft" Nice selection of various
> Taubes.

Thanks Don! I'll pas sthis on to him!
> Since it's the FLAIR kit, this falls in the STAND WAYYYYYY OFF
> scale catagory. An aluminum painted nose, a brown fuselage and white
>or antique fabric covering on all the flying surfaces is all he needs.
>Sprinkle liberally with some Cross Pattee, bake for 10 minutes and
>serve with hot castor oil.

Now now let's not be tacky! Sheesh. With a little work I'll bet it could
look really nice. In fact there was a beautiful Taube down on Circle 3 at
Rhinebeck that had enough rigging to convience the most casual observer of
what can be done with a bit of effort!

> Some 10% nitro for a chaser would be the nuts too....

Hell go for 15% and live on the edge :-)

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