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Bill Shatzer (
Fri, 15 Sep 1995 21:45:04 -0700

>It sounds as if the factory finish for the SVA 5 is rather boring. Did any
>squadrons or aces spice things up a bit?

I'm still checking but I don't think there are any aces in the SVA 5.
It was a light bomber/reconaisence aircraft and while quite nimble
for a bomber/reconaisence a/c, wasn't really *supposed* to be dogfighting
with enemy aircraft.

The "Lion of St. Mark" insignia used by 87a Squadriglia is one of the
most colorful and distinctive markings used during the war but I
don't know whether a decal is available for that 'un in quarter
scale and you'd probably drive yourself blind trying to hand paint it.
(Actually, the 60's era Aliplast kit had the 87a Squadriglia decal
but good luck finding one of those with a usable decal. The decal
in my Aliplast SVA kit is at least 15 years past the 'pull date' for
the decal, if it was even usable in the first place.)

>I'll consider buying the Datafile if it has any good color plates of Italian
>aircraft in non-factory colors.

Well, I have a tough time justifying the costs of *any* of the Datafiles,
both to myself and my wife. Still, I buy 'em 'cause they are just
about the only game in town. The SVA 5 data file give color plates
of 3 aircraft, a US example, an 87a Squadriglia a/c, and one from
the Italian Reconaisence School. The US aircraft is kinda 'vanilla'
but the two Italian ones are fairly colorful.

Hope this helps.


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