Re: NOT a WW1 question. . .

Bill Shatzer (
Sat, 16 Sep 1995 22:35:25 -0700

>I feel like a fool for those two mistakes in the MS type L review. . .
>You people seem more trusworthy than the Model Newsgroup as a whole so:
>If you where a Heinkel 111 H1 dropping bombs on East Anglia in summer 1940
>what color would your interior fittings be?

RLM 02, gray-green.

Black or rather gray-black (don't have an RLM reference handy
on the black - 66?)

>Ammo racks, etc??

No idea. Probably the black again but guessing.

>I have the Eduard brass bits for the Monogram kit, but (as usual) there is
>no color guide!
Well, as long as you build models with propellers, I suppose
its ok. Now jets will get ya in trouble! :-)


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