Aeromaster WW1 subjects
18 Sep 95 10:48:00 EDT

GDay Folks

I have just been engaged in an interesting email exchange with Daniel
Koehne who runs the modelling web server out of Canberra. He has a page
on his server which lists all of Aeromasters' releases, including some
which are "projected"

He presents this list of 1:48 subjects which are entirely WW1 oriented:

48-074 Fokker Triplane
48-075 Spad Collection
48-175 WW I German Lozenge Camo. 5 color upper
48-176 WWI German Lozenge Camo. 5 color lower
48-177 WW I German Lozenge Camo. 4 color upper
48-178 WW I German Lozenge Camo. 4 color under
48-179 Fokker Triplane Collection Pt. II
48-180 Fokker Triplane Collection Pt. III
48-181 Albatros Fighter Collection Pt. I
48-182 Albatros Fighter Collection Pt. II
48-183 Fokker D.VII Fighter Collection Pt. I
48-184 Fokker D.VII Fighter Collection Pt. II
48-185 Pfalz Fighter Collection Pt. I
48-186 Pfalz Fighter Collection Pt. II

For completeness, there is also a special sheet of US aces markings which
includes one WW1 subject.

Rather an exciting list IMHO. I have seen the first two sheets, used the
SPAD sheet, and Daniel is sending me samples of the 4 colour loz, so I
assume the 5 colour is on the market as well.

In particular note the presence of the Albatros and Pfalz sheets - and
the absence of good injection kits.

My question is this:

Has anyone seen any of these sheets other than the first two, and what is
your opinion of them?