Rotary engines - and an inline request
18 Sep 95 11:08:00 EDT

G'Day folks,

Having always assumed something (with no good basis either) and then
having it confirmed by someone with real first hand info is always a nice
feeling. At least it's one thing I haven't entirely made a fool of myself

Thanks all, particularly Greg and John, for your help re Rotary engine

Now perhaps someone out there can help me with some other engine details.

I am currently scratchbuilding a Bristol F.2B Fighter and intend to build
a Rolls Royce Eagle power plant. I need as many photos as I can get my
hands on, and better still, drawings of the beast. I have pictures from
early "Janes" and several poorly reproduced shots in the Squadron Signal
and Windsock books on the Brisfit, however I'd like some more !

Does anyone know if WW1 Aero or another publication has ever featured the
Eagle ? If anyone can lay hands upon any relevant issues and xerox them
for me I'd be happy to reimburse copying and postage.

For another (long term) project, I need details and _particularly_
drawings of the Issotti Fraschini (sp?) 150hp engine. It was used on the
Caproni Ca.3 aircraft, and may be the powerplant installed on the Caproni
at the USAF museum.

Of course when I scratchbuild the blasted things Aeroclub, Gary Atlee and
10 other companies with bring out much nicer metal and resin units - but
thats just Murphies law applied to modelling ;-)