Re: rotary engines

Jay M. Thompson (
Mon, 18 Sep 1995 00:32:35 -0400

> It would sadly suggest that this book is now out of print.

I have that book, and although it does indeed provide excellent explanations
of the workings and design of rotary engines, it is not that useful as a
modelling reference. For example, there is a chapter on the Clerget engines,
but it lacks any photographs whatsoever. The single photgraph included of the
Bentley engines is that of a 200hp shown from an extreme angle. Similarly,
there is only a single photgraph of a Lerhone engine, and it is of the
two-row 120hp version.

Heck I don't even know what planes actually used a two-row LeRhone.

In other words, don't get weepy-eyed if you thought this out of print book
was a Holy Grail of reference photographs;-)