Re: NOT a WW1 question. . .

Brian Bushe (
18 Sep 1995 09:18:37 +0100

In <v01510101ac815f6dbd8d@[]>, Mark K. Nelson wrote:
>I feel like a fool for those two mistakes in the MS type L review. . .
>You people seem more trusworthy than the Model Newsgroup as a whole so:
>If you where a Heinkel 111 H1 dropping bombs on East Anglia in summer 1940
>what color would your interior fittings be?

Mostly RLM 02 for that time of war, but i have read and seen photos
with quite large amounts of areas that look white. references tell me
that these areas are RLM 01 Silber (correct spelling). I will look
some up but since i was working mu 111 on the other side of the world
I think that's where the refs are...perhaps Shane, Mick or Vince could
pop over to NZ and ferret them out:-)

>Ammo racks, etc??

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