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Mon, 18 Sep 1995 06:53:29 -0500

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> Thanks for the warm welcome, all. Glad to see the flames here are just in
> jest.

Not a problem. We tend to shoot out our flames with a little water,
so they tend to die before they reach the source... ;-)

> It sounds as if the factory finish for the SVA 5 is rather boring. Did any
> squadrons or aces spice things up a bit?
> I'll consider buying the Datafile if it has any good color plates of Italian
> aircraft in non-factory colors.

It doesn't appear so. There are always exceptions, but the Datafile
doesn't show any. The variances - and beauty - lie in the squadron
markings. They tended to paint the crest, or flag, or some other
identifying mark of the city they were in, or a city one of the
pilots came from. So, although the "overall" finish is "boring", the
squadron markings definitely make up for it.

> Again, thanks for the info Joe, Matt, Charles, Michel,

Once again, not a problem. Glad to help.


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