Re: Aeromaster WW1 subjects

Matt Bittner (
Mon, 18 Sep 1995 07:44:01 -0500

On 18 Sep 95 at 0:47, Jay M. Thompson typed diligently:

> >48-074 Fokker Triplane
> >Has anyone seen any of these sheets other than the first two, and what is
> >your opinion of them?
> I have the Dr.I sheet, but have not used it. Registration is excellent, they
> seem to be quite opaque, and as thin as one could want. From what photos I have,
> the markings provided seem accurate.

I too, bought the first Dr.I collection, and if I remember correctly,
Rimell had a problem with them. I don't remember the exact problems,
but basically _most_ of the markings were suspect. I now wish I had
that issue of Windsock with me so I could refer to it.

This is a sore subject with me. The "newer" decal companies are
starting to do WW1 subjects, and have no idea about the resources
available. Heck, not only the Datafiles, but Leo, Dan San-Abbott,
and Greg Van Wyngarden. At least SuperScale had the foresight to get
Dan San-Abbott to draft up their Dr.I and D.VII decals.


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