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> GDay Folks

Must be something you say when you're downunder... ;-)

<Aeromaster stuff snipped for space>

> For completeness, there is also a special sheet of US aces markings which
> includes one WW1 subject.

Richtofen, surprise, surprise...

> Rather an exciting list IMHO. I have seen the first two sheets, used the
> SPAD sheet, and Daniel is sending me samples of the 4 colour loz, so I
> assume the 5 colour is on the market as well.

I haven't seen them in the states, yet.

> In particular note the presence of the Albatros and Pfalz sheets - and
> the absence of good injection kits.

Not true! If you don't mind paying US$50, you could get Blue Max's
D.IIIa. And Eduard should be coming out with their Albatros' soon -
not to mention their oft-delayed Pfalz.

> My question is this:
> Has anyone seen any of these sheets other than the first two, and what is
> your opinion of them?

As I've said, I have the first Dr.I sheet, and although - yes - the
register and coloring is spot on, there was some problems that Rimell
had. However, now that I think of it, I wonder if it was the
Ministry... decals. Hmm... I'll have to try and track the review
down, later.


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