Re: Aeromaster WW1 subjects

Mon, 18 Sep 95 10:36:45 EDT

I agree with the comment that some of the companies "rush" to much
to get a decal out, when they don't have a background in the subject.
If they wait for the discussion following a publications release,
the decals would be much more accurate, but Co X has to beat Co Y
with the release. And Co Y may have better info, but why do a
sheet when Co X has already sold 1,000? A few of us will buy
a corrected sheet, but not everyone. Aeromaster put corrections
out in early sheets, but they seemed to have stopped that when
they became the "best." They are no longer the best IMHO when
they no longer listen to the customer. The Luftwaffe Top Guns
sheet (WWII) was a great sheet, but they redid it when glaring
errors were pointed out by the Luftwaffe Circle. Do I get to send
in my original sheet for a new one? No.
Rimmel's comments on the early WWI releases were along the lines of rushing
the art out, without checking sources. Heaven knows reading one Squadron
Signal book on the Dr.I does not make you an expert. And if you
only use one source/photo, will you perpetuate the same errors that
won't die? That's why I'm glad to see Pegasus and Blue Rider material.
I feel that these gentlemen at least know the subject, or at least
know who to pull in as a consultant. I hope Aeromaster
gains a few WWI consultants, maybe someone from this list.
It has gotten to the point where I can no longer buy as soon as
I see, I have to backtrack my own documents, and see some critical
reviews. It the only way to save my money, time and peace of mind.
The exception being when I know I have material on a subject that
would allow me to have an opinion that would be good enough to share.
I learn a lot from my friends on this list, but my next review will
probably be on the HUMA Focke Achgelis Fa 223 helicopter. So not
on this list. (I love German helicopters, one day I'll finish off
the A-H PKZ-2 and tell this list about that!)
Does Peter Grosz build models?:-)
- Brian