Re: Aeromaster WW1 subjects

C.P. Hart (
Mon, 18 Sep 1995 08:52:57 +0000

on 18 September Brian remarked:

>Rimmel's comments on the early WWI releases were along the lines of rushing
>the art out, without checking sources. Heaven knows reading one Squadron
>Signal book on the Dr.I does not make you an expert. And if you
>only use one source/photo, will you perpetuate the same errors that
>won't die?

Reviews of the Squadron Dr-I in action book pointed out numerous
errors in its captions and text. Hence the dangers of using a single
source of information. It always pays to do a little research from a
couple of different sources.

>Does Peter Grosz build models?:-)

I met Pete Grosz at an "Over the Front" meeting a few years back. An
incredibly nice fellow. He has no interest in colors on any German
aircraft and he is not a modeler. He has an incredible archive of original
photographs and documents related to German aircraft production.