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>48-074 Fokker Triplane
>Has anyone seen any of these sheets other than the first two, and what is
>your opinion of them?
> >
> > I have the Dr.I sheet, but have not used it. Registration is excellent, they
> > seem to be quite opaque, and as thin as one could want. From what photos I have,
> > the markings provided seem accurate.
> I too, bought the first Dr.I collection, and if I remember correctly,
> Rimell had a problem with them. I don't remember the exact problems,
> but basically _most_ of the markings were suspect. I now wish I had
> that issue of Windsock with me so I could refer to it.

I now have Windsock Vol.10 No.4, and here's what Rimell says about
the Fokker Triplane collection:

"...The quartet selected are Kempf's 213/17 thus duplicating the
markings of the original DML issue - an odd choice and rather
wasteful one. Note that the Jasta 2 Dr.I's had white-faced cowlings
not natural metal as the transfer instructions specify. Other
triplanes include Baumer's 204/17 (which should have it's cowling
painted the same as Kempf's) in its earlier guise with the original
Eiserne Kreuze. The DATAFILE Special depicts the same machine in its
subsequent finish. Another Jasta Boelcke subject is Carl Bolle's
Dr.I 413/17 but the pale yellow panels provided for the fuselage
areas beneath the altered insignia are probably incorrect. In
reality these (originally white) areas were thinly overpainted with
"The fourth machine is a well known example of Jasta 26. Full
fuselage and tail markings are provided but the sheet lacks the 'X'
insignia repeated on the upper wing..."

Do with this what you will. There are always _color_ disputes, and
can be - especially if a photo isn't readily available - markings

Come to think of it, I would like to sell these decals. I'm willing
to take $6.00 for this sheet, including postage. I picked these up
on a whim, and that whim seems to be over. ;-) First message to me


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