Re: Fokker D VII data needed

C.P. Hart (
Mon, 18 Sep 1995 15:27:33 +0000

>> I was looking at the Fokker D VII Windsock and realised we can figure
>>out wether Kraut's plane was an early or late Fokker based on the serial
>>of the plane. Does anyone have the serial number for it? I figure it had to
>>be built by Fokker since it has the streaked olive camo.
>Did someone *other* than Fokker build Dr.I's? I seem to dimly remember
>one or two being *assembled* by M.A.G. in Hungary but was there really another
>source besides Fokker for the production planes?
M.A.G. did build a couple of Fokker Triplanes, but I think they had
another designation. I will have to check this answer in my "bible" (Grosz
et al.) tonight to let you know. I don't believe that these were
"standard" production Dr-Is, but were a development from them intended for
the A-H air service.

>Don't snicker - someday you too will be growing old and your memory failing!
Its not so much a matter of age but having too much to remember.