Re: Aeromaster WW1 subjects
Mon, 18 Sep 1995 21:20:54 -0400

The next batch of Aeromaster WWI subjects will be:

#48-181: Waldhausen D.V black moon with star inside
von Hipple D.V dragon Jasta 5
Konneke D.V black/white checkerboard, overall green Jasta 5
von Ritter Schleich D.V Jasta 21 lion on Bavarian disk (the
intended scheme for the Glencoe D.V, right?)

#48-182: Jasta 49 D.III, blue/white zig-zag bands fore and aft of fuselage
Jasta 5 D.III, Bavarian checks on fin/rudder, white band w/
blue edge on fuselage
Raesch D.V, white tail w/ black outline, swastika in circle on
Lehman D.V, white band w/ black edging, black cat on band

Fokker D.VII's
#48-183: Aufarht, Jasta 29, very early streaked camouflage, white comet on
Jasta 18 with chevron behind the raven
Stark Jasta 35, three-blade pitchfork on blue/white fuselage
Veltjens - Jasta 15 winged arrow
Berthold - " winged sword (see Greg van W's JG 1 book for the
real scheme)

#48-184: that post-war bull's head thing
Jungwirth Jasta 78 butterfly on blue fuselage (Datafile on the
Ziegesar Jasta 15 three leaves (or white feathers?)
von Hantelmann " skull
Piel Jasta 13, stork and bullet holes

#48-185: Holtzem Jasta 16, black stripes around fuselage, white/black comet
Berthold, that sword again
Jasta 11, red forward fuselage,black band around rear fuselage,
white tail

#48-186: Jasta 77, blue nose, rear fuselage, swastika before cross
Marwitz Jasta 30, orange tail, diamond before cross
1370/17 (captured by Brits?) orange nose, green tail, black
bands surronding cross
Jasta 31, black 'spade' behind cross

Fokker D.VIII/E.V's
#48-197: Altemeir Jasta 24, white three-ring pretzel, white outline to
fuselage frame and wing
Stec postwar Polish
Jasta 6, without nose or personal markings
captured aircraft, black outline to rudder.

Unfortunately, none of the D.VII's show any information regarding the correct
cowling patterns for that scheme - it's all shown as the late style cowling.