Re: Fokker D VII data needed

Don Rinker (
Mon, 18 Sep 95 21:45 EDT

On Mon, 18 Sep 1995, (C.P. Hart) wrote:

>>Did someone *other* than Fokker build Dr.I's? I seem to dimly remember
>>one or two being *assembled* by M.A.G. in Hungary but was there really
>>source besides Fokker for the production planes?

> M.A.G. did build a couple of Fokker Triplanes, but I think they had
>another designation. I will have to check this answer in my "bible" (Grosz
>et al.) tonight to let you know. I don't believe that these were
>"standard" production Dr-Is, but were a development from them intended for
>the A-H air service.

MAG did not build the planes. There were only two planes. They were built by
Fokker in their prototype shop and shipped on to have engines fitted later.
The only remarkable thing about them was a slight lengthening of the fuselage.
During the tests they were fitted with reworked 150 LeRhone engines.
The encountered several failures before and during testing. Nothing further
was accomplished.

I have several photos of both prototypes from the original Fokker photo
archive album if you need copies for serious documentation.

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