Re: Rotary engines - and an inline request
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 00:34:46 -0400

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>I am currently scratchbuilding a Bristol F.2B Fighter and intend to build
>a Rolls Royce Eagle power plant. I need as many photos as I can get my
>hands on, and better still, drawings of the beast. I have pictures from
>early "Janes" and several poorly reproduced shots in the Squadron Signal
>and Windsock books on the Brisfit, however I'd like some more !
>Does anyone know if WW1 Aero or another publication has ever featured the
>Eagle ?

The Rolls Royce Eagle was featured in the Feb 1992 issue of WWI Aero. The
quality of the photos is poor, but there are dimensioned general arrangement
drawings of several different variants.

Unfortunately, I didn't turn up anything on the Isotta-Fraschini.

If you need copies, contact me directly with address info.

Eli Geher