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> >You people seem more trusworthy than the Model Newsgroup as a whole so:

Of course we are: we're all gentlemen and scholars 80)

> >
> >If you where a Heinkel 111 H1 dropping bombs on East Anglia in summer 1940
> >what color would your interior fittings be?
> Mostly RLM 02 for that time of war, but i have read and seen photos
> with quite large amounts of areas that look white. references tell me
> that these areas are RLM 01 Silber (correct spelling). I will look

I think I'd go for '02 for most things, apart from anything that
turns oout pretty obviously black in the photos, in which case black, or
very dark grey [RLM 66?].

> some up but since i was working mu 111 on the other side of the world
> I think that's where the refs are...perhaps Shane, Mick or Vince could
> pop over to NZ and ferret them out:-)

Thanks. NZ would be pretty close for me. But why NZ?
> >Radios?

Black. Or RLM 66[?].

> >Ammo racks, etc??

I'd go for RLM 02.

BTW, as somebody mentioned, '02 *does* make a very good equivalent
for WW1 German light grey-green.
And harking back to fuel tanks; the Eduard Albatros CIII has an
external fuel tank mounted on the centre-section of the top wing in the
colour drawings. I suspect this only applies to early aircraft; later ones
had the tank mounted internally in the centre-section, as per the PE bit
that Ed. supply to wrap around the wing.
For anyone making the CIII, I probably don't need to mention this,
but they make no mention of radiator plumbing in the destruction-sheet; bear
iin mind that there must be *two* pipes: one from the radiator to the engine
[foreward], and a return from the engine to the radiator [aft] (of the
engine, that is 80)).
I'll definitely be rebuilding the cockpit-framing in plastic rod,
and most of the details in 3-D.
Ah! and don't forget that the holes in the floor of the observer/
gunner's station go *right through* the drill them out before
you assemble the fuselage halves irretrievably together.
Does anyone else think the shape of the Parabellum-ring is a bit



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