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Tue, 19 Sep 1995 04:49:13 -0700

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>So, Dick Heining and a few of us are actively
>engaged in pushing for a separation of classes and the resurgence of a major
>type of WWI event in the west to compliment Rhinebeck.
>Perhaps the solution here is to group the models as does the EAA with
>for early birds, vintage, classic, modern, etc. etc. It will make for more
>one at the top of the pyramid at the end of the weekend but it would level the
>field a bit.
>Thayer Syme
>San Francisco
>I agree, Thayer. The problem is that due to the number of entries it would
complicate the contest and stretch it out too much (so I've been told).
We're looking for one separate division for the early birds, but I also
understand that this has been under consideration for a long time and
nothing has happened.

Another problem is evident by the attitude that "no one has ever seen these
old planes fly, so how can they be judged properly?". Well, this is an
attitude that will be hard to change. My reply was that how many people have
seen MOST of the a/c types fly? Oh well, none of us have claimed that this
is a perfect world.

Bob Picwoad