Re: 1995 Scale Masters

Larry Marshall (
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 14:44:17 -0400

> That's too bad about not getting a fair shake. I guess us "plastic"
> guys should consider yourselves lucky, since our "bigger" contests
> are split accordingly. However, we too can feel the WW2 and jet
> "crunch" when we enter in one of those "gold, bronze, and silver"
> type of contests. Imagine getting beat out by a _poorly done_ Fw
> 190. It's a shame it happens to our "flying folk", as well.

How are IPMS contests judged? In RC static judging falls into 'outline',
'color and markings', and 'craftsmanship' and using the point systems, I don't
think there's much in the way of type bias. In fact, if anything I think
here any subjective bias would go to the 'odd' model rather than a common

Cheers --- Larry