Re: Plumbing to Mercedes Engine

Paul Butler (
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 08:12:56 +1000

Mick Fauchon writes:

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For anyone making the CIII, I probably don't need to mention this,
but they make no mention of radiator plumbing in the destruction-sheet; bear
iin mind that there must be *two* pipes: one from the radiator to the engine
[foreward], and a return from the engine to the radiator [aft] (of the
engine, that is 80)).

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Sorry but I will have to disagree about the suggested water flow above.

A current project of mine is drawing the Mercedes DIII engine (175/180 HP
version) and the inlet to water pump is very definitely at the bottom rear
of the engine. The pump outlet goes to the bottom of the aftmost cylinder and
the return outlet to the radiator is from the top of the front cylinder.

If you think about it, the same flow path is used for most (if not all) upright
motor car engines.

The clue to the actual water flow is in the design of the water pump. All that
I have been able to observe (in photographs and other drawing by others)
is that the inlet to the pump is at the center of the pump scroll and the
outlet is tangential to the outer edge. This pattern is normal for a
centrifical (spelling?) pump.


Paul Butler