Re: Western Front Rhinebeck

Bob Pickwoad (
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 19:17:11 -0700

> One other thing that wasn't mentioned is that the Scale Masters provides a
>bias towards WWII and Jets by holding their events on paved strips (I flew my
>Bristol F2B in 91 at Vegas and only got one really nice landing in).
> Of course while we were at it, it would be nice to find a central location so
>that travel time for everyone would not be excessive. (This is whinning by a
>poor Northern boy from Edmonton, Alberta) There are at least two other WWI
>flyers up north here with me.
> How serious is the discussion about this resurgence? I know Dick, and he has
>talked about this concern for quite awhile but nothing has come of it yet.
>Tally ho
>Regarding the bias towards WWII and jets, I was trying to be diplomatic.
Damn right there's a bias. And I won't even get into the "good ole boy"
syndrome. But that's another story for another place.

I hope that Dick is serious, I know that I, and a few others in the Phoenix
area are. And as far a whinning goes, you should have heard us after doing
2000 miles (one way) in about 30 hours. If the whole thing was really fair,
it would have been ok.... And there were a few guys from Oregon, a thousand
miles further. I think that Dick was really pushed hard by this one as
several of his products were there and were not "allowed" to do real well.

We really do want something towards the West coast (the Sonoran Desert seems
like a great place to me!), but I can see Los Vegas being a pretty
convienient spot.