Re: Western Front Rhinebeck

Bob Pickwoad (
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 19:28:41 -0700

At 11:38 AM 9/19/95 -0400, wrote:
>> How about the great and wonderous AMA National Flying Site? I believe they
>> have the proper facilities! But I think the last sentence is the real story.
>> I was surprised by the number of WWI entries into this years Scale Masters.
>If you do the arithmetic you find that neither WWII or jets were
>You can also demonstrate that final placement didn't bias towards any
>class. I suspect some of the later must reflect that they didn't have much
wind :-)
> The final placement only represented 1 WWI plane, and I'll be honest
enough to state that it DID NOT fly as well as other WWI entries (Dennis
Wentley did a wonderful job of flying his Nie.28, but he didn't come from
Ohio and he wasn't a big winner previously).

Actually, there was plenty of wind, directly cross on the runway, and
rotoring from a hanger. The flying conditions were terrible, but most of the
WWI types did a fantastic job of flying, regardless.

The bottom line seems to be that to win this contest, one must 1. Fly a
jet 2. Be well known. Be from the local club. 4. All of the above.
Personally, I feel that handicap points should be awarded for certain
features of the model, such as type. But I'm biased towards WWI and I'm sure
the jet and WWII flyers would not go for this. Actually, It doesn't matter
as this is only a hobby and, in my opinion, should not be taken TOO seriously.