Re: Western Front Rhinebeck

Bob Pickwoad (
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 19:41:12 -0700

At 02:48 PM 9/19/95 -0400, wrote:
>> Larry and I have kicked this competition horse to death repeatedly and still
>> haven't come close to really having any kind of solution that more then 10
>> people at a time would be happy with :-).
>Heck, we couldn't come up with anything that made the two of us happy :-) I do
>think it boils down to whether you want a static contest or a flying contest.
>Possibly the REAL solution is to have a static contest and a flying
contest, keeping
>each quite separate excepting a requirement that those flying much have a
>static score to fly (but that score doesn't count). This 'minimum' approach is
>how the Flying Aces run their mass launch events which are completely
flying events
>but the mimimums require that the plane look very realistic, have its guns,
>Cheers --- Larry
>Wow, looks like I really started something here! Personally, I like the
idea of a WWI get-together with both flying and static models. There's no
doubt that we could all learn something from each other.

By the way, the F-86 that won also had the highest static score, and the Pup
that came in 6th had the highest static score of the WWI aircraft (although
I would debate this to the death after seeing Gary Parker's DVA and his