Applying Lozenge Decal Question

Martin Lawder (mala1231@sulu.fb12.TU-Berlin.DE)
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 09:06:50 +22300819 (DFT)

Good Morning,


I'm presently building the Pegasus 1/72 Albatros DV straight from
the box, in a 5 colour lozenge scheme. Pegasus and other references
say to apply the lozenge spanwise. For the lower mainplane this fits ok,
but for the upper mainplane there is going to be a join. Now, as the
suction peak of the aerofoil is near to the leading edge, I would put
the join near to the trailing edge. Is this how Albatros covered their
mainplanes ? Advice needed.
Or should the wings be covered in a chordwise direction or 45 degrees?

Another question, would the ground crew or Albatros have taken the trouble
to fit the lozenge so that the pattern is the same, left wing to right ?
(I hope the question is clear) , or would it make no difference if the
lozenge cloth were turned round 180 degrees on the right wing respective
to the left wing.

Any answers today would be much appreciated, as I would like to start
covering the model tonight ;-)

Many thanks in advance.....
Cheers..... martin

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