Re: Applying Lozenge Decal Question

Bill Shatzer (
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 00:37:49 -0700

>Good Morning,
>I'm presently building the Pegasus 1/72 Albatros DV straight from
>the box, in a 5 colour lozenge scheme. Pegasus and other references
>say to apply the lozenge spanwise. For the lower mainplane this fits ok,
>but for the upper mainplane there is going to be a join. Now, as the
>suction peak of the aerofoil is near to the leading edge, I would put
>the join near to the trailing edge. Is this how Albatros covered their
>mainplanes ? Advice needed.
> Or should the wings be covered in a chordwise direction or 45 degrees?

Chordwise is most common. 45 degrees is a distant second (don't know
about Albatroses (Albatri?) specifically) but these are the most common
German methods of applying the fabric. Until recently, I'd have said
*never* in regards to spanwise application but my recent inquiry
to this list regarding the method of application on the SS D.III
managed to convince me that spanwise *is* possible *if* the width of
of the fabric equals or exceeds the chord width of the wing. But,
if you can't get the fabric to cover from leading edge to trailing
edge without a seam, then I think spanwise is out.
>Another question, would the ground crew or Albatros have taken the trouble
>to fit the lozenge so that the pattern is the same, left wing to right ?
>(I hope the question is clear) , or would it make no difference if the
>lozenge cloth were turned round 180 degrees on the right wing respective
>to the left wing.
I don't think the factory would have worried about this but this is
a pure guess. There just don't seem to be *any* photos available which
show *both* wings clearly so who the heck really knows. I suggest
that you do it in accordance with the photos you've got and the
appearance you like - if someone says you've got it wrong - brazen it
out. Hell, they don't really know either!

>Any answers today would be much appreciated, as I would like to start
>covering the model tonight ;-)
>Many thanks in advance.....
> Cheers..... martin

You're welcome - did you ever get that Taube built?

Cheers, Bill

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