judging in general

Brian Bushe (brian@emu.harrier.com)
20 Sep 1995 09:24:28 +0100


Matt hit on a sore point regarding the judging. The problem they have
is once the modelling flaws eliminate the obvious how do you judge the
rest. I know a fair bit about Fw 190's so could do a good job telling
you how accurate that model was. But compared to even a Me 109k (which
would be in the same very narrow class in any competition) I'd be
unable to do the same job. I'd miss a glaring mistake that looked
right on the k, and penalise the 190 because the beautifully inset
compass was a bit to the left! In a wwi class my knowledge is even
more segmented.

so obviously you can't base your judging on that sort of personal
knowledge. Except of course it's impossible not to at least

the guys at the nationals must have it bloody hard, but imagine the
poor swines down the locl club who're asked to jugde a whole
competition, tanks and all. You'll not get me up there doing that!

I can just imagine myself coming up to Matt's d-vii and looking at the
wrinkled lozenge, noting the name on the entry and thinking 'Oh so
that's what it's supposed to look like....i better put that on my

btw i don't understand what you mean about the wrinkled fabric. does
it sag somewhere?



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