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>On Tue, 19 Sep 1995, "Guy Fawcett (403) 435-7214"
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>> I think that the idea for a western North America equivalent to Rhinebeck
>>would be a blast, although finding the right kind of field would be the
>For many years, there WAS an all WW1 contest on the West Coast. It was call
>"The Western Front Jamboree" or something like that. Just sort of seemed to
>disappear. Got excellent coverage in the magazines back in the late 70's.
>I believe the club that hosted this event lost their field, and just never
got back into it again. An event of this magnitude (or any large event)
presents a lot of work for all concerned. It would be great to have
something like this happen again, but that apperas to be a rather narrow
minded desire. Like Guy stated, we tend to be an eccentric lot, and not
really tuned in to the mainstream, which just happens to be the jets and
"heavy metal". I wouldn't mind just an informal get together, or fly in. The
devil with prizes, it would be great to just leave the egos behind and have
a great time.
>Right now JETS are the hot topic, like it or not. WW1 scale does do VERY well
>in FAI competition, where the judges aree more knowledgeable, and the well
>designed WW1 type craft with light weight and good power to weight ratios
>fly nice and slow, making the overweight heavy metal warbirds look either
>sloppy in the manuvers, or like F-16s on a scramble.
>FAI is great, but who has the time and money for the travel?
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