Re: Applying Lozenge Decal Question

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Wed, 20 Sep 1995 07:09:34 -0500

On 20 Sep 95 at 9:06, Martin Lawder typed diligently:

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Good morning. There's a touch of fall in the air, here, so it's
bound to be good!

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<discourse on Pegasus D.V deleted for space>

I won't comment on the lozenge application. Other's have done a
better job than I could ever do.

For the builder, whose lozenge are you using? Whose markings are you
making the D.V in?

This sounds like a great project. I know I would be interested to
hear your perceptions of the Pegasus kit, as well as what
modifications/additions you made.

I've got numerous Airfix kits, and bought one Pegasus kit to compare
the two manufacturers (as if there's a comparison), and also to build
Jacobs' D.V.

Something else that would be neat. All those currently working on
projects should send a picture into Al so he can include them on the
web page. That way we can all see just how great everybody is on the


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