Re: judging in general

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 07:14:04 -0500

On 20 Sep 95 at 9:24, Brian Bushe typed diligently:

> btw i don't understand what you mean about the wrinkled fabric. does
> it sag somewhere?

Basically, I wanted to represent fabric that could have "wrinkled"
through time. Not necessarily sag, but have a definite wrinkle to
it. Like part of it came unstitched, and started bunching up on
itself. However, since those comments, I've taken some Solvaset to
it, and straightened it out. If those "type" of "judges" wouldn't
understand, then - unless they're _really_ WW1 judges - nobody else
would. So, I sucked in my pride, and gave in to the masses.
Shouldn't have done it, but my entire purpose of finishing it was for
the '94 Nats. Heck, I should have left it wrinkled. Ah well, such
is life...


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