Re: To Matt Bittner

Martin Lawder (mala1231@sulu.fb12.TU-Berlin.DE)
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 15:03:24 +22300819 (DFT)

> > I thought I would get my hand in with some easier models first, so i have
> > just completed a Fokker D.VII with BlueRider decals as von Buren's
> > red and white Jasta 18 machine.

> Revell's or ESCI's? Basically the same kit, but inquiring minds, and
> such...

I built the Revell kit straight from the box. Kit Spandau's, kit engine,
kit struts. I only added a plasticard seat , cut out the ailerons, etc., to
re-position, added
control wiring, rigging on tailplane, trying to keep work down to a minimum.
Spayed with Halford's white primer overall, then two to three coats of Humbrol
red brushed on the red bits. Johnsons Clear before decals, then more Johnsons.
A bit of dark wash in gaps between moving surfaces, etc.
My wife likes it, but she's no IPMS judge :-)

> > My next project after the Albatros will be the Taube. I've still got to get
> > some old german crosses for this (I forget them when ordering from Americal),
> > or maybe I should try to paint them :-)
> Whose Taube?

A French company, Veteran 72, a 1/72 resin kit of a Jeanine Taube with metal
bits and pieces.