Colors questions...

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 6 Sep 1995 07:47:16 -0500

Thinking about Nieuports, I'm wondering what paint people use to
color them in the factory metallic dope. I've been using Polly S'
Flat Aluminum, but was wondering about others.

Also, what color does one paint German seat belts? French? British?
I've been using linen, but have been thinking that German belts were
grey. Suggestions? Thanks.

Still plugging away on the Roland. I've drilled out the aileron
crank exit points in the fuselage, and am getting ready to assemble
the control column/aileron crank/rudder pedals. Besides that, the
only things left inside the fuselage are putting in the engine and
guns, as well as smaller details such as throttle, etc.. All
internal structure is in, painted, and looking good. The PropagTeam
wood decals look really great! Highly recommended. Ailerons are cut
out, and once the hinges are added, will be re-positioned. The most
difficult part of this kit is finding time to work on it.

Someone previously mentioned a snap-tite Dr.I, by Revell I think.
Could that person post more details, such as kit number, etc.? I'm
trying to find this kit for my son's first Christmas. Thanks.


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