Re: painting laminated props

Rick DeNatale (
Wed, 6 Sep 95 11:10:04 EDT

>I too would be interested in hearing how people laminate props,
>especially in 1/72nd and 1/48th. Where do you get your wood? What
>are the "acceptable" colors? Etc, etc, etc...

I've seen a really nice prop on a model in a hobby shop in Greensboro, NC.
The hobby shop owner tells me that the builder made the prop out of
laminated paper. I assume that this means colored construction paper. He
applies glue laminates the paper and applies pressure. The result is a

I'm interested in techniques for actually carving a prop and making it look
right. Any ideas?

Windsock occasionally mentions a line of carved wooden props produced by a
gent called Martin Digmayer in Czechoslovakia. I've not actually seen any
of these, but they are reputedly quite nice. I've talked to the nice folk
at Meteor Productions about possibly carrying these, they said that they
would look into it, but no word yet.