Wood Props - M. Digmayer

Brian Nicklas (NASAD003@SIVM.SI.EDU)
Wed, 6 Sep 95 11:25:00 EDT

I have seen Martin Digmayers props. Ordered a pair from him.
VERY NICE!! He has a list with both 1/48 and 1/72 scale,
and he offers several types for one aircraft, if that is
appropriate. (Such as an Axial and a Garuda for an XX D.XXI,
if that is what was used.)

Mine were not of as contrasting a laminate as I would have liked,
so the contrast is very subtle, but he was very fast in turnaround,
and as he wants to be paid in US dollars, the cost was fairly low.

To carve your own, go to the wood supply section of a Large hardware
store, or a wood specialty shop and get veneer strips. Usually come
in rolls. Get two rolls, one light wood, one dark. Sandwich a few
pieces together in your own ply with wood glue, press until dry
and then cut to rough outline, sand to final with a Dremel sanding
drum, and close out with sandpaper by hand. Break a few in the process,
beat your hands up - then mail Martin some money and be done with it.

Martin Digmayer
Cs. legnii 1877
269 Oi Rakovnik
Czech Republic