Re[2]: Rigging . . . . .and traitors
07 Sep 95 07:34:00 EDT

On 6 Sep 95 at 9:08, confessed:

> TO WIT: I build mostly WWII aircraft. I really enjoy
> the WWI stuff and built one this year, but most of my
> experience has been of aircraft from the 1939-45 conflict
> rather than the Great War. A traitor in your midst... a P-38
> in Spad's clothing... Need another analogy, can't find it.
> Oh well..... :-)

> --Stephen Tontoni

Rising cacaphony off stage right:

1st lynchmob member: "Hang him, hang the traitor"

2nd lynch mob member: "Nah, too good fer him. Let's dope and rib tape
the %#$$#"

Actually, I beleive he should be thrown from the open cockpit of a
vintage aircraft. If he lives to tell the tale he's obviously the devil;
if not - he's innocent.

(who once built a Hurricane and is still saying Hail Mary's in atonement)