Re: Wood Props - M. Digmayer

Rick DeNatale (
Thu, 7 Sep 95 00:53:58 EDT

>I have seen Martin Digmayers props. Ordered a pair from him.
>VERY NICE!! He has a list with both 1/48 and 1/72 scale,
>and he offers several types for one aircraft, if that is
>appropriate. (Such as an Axial and a Garuda for an XX D.XXI,
>if that is what was used.)
>Mine were not of as contrasting a laminate as I would have liked,
>so the contrast is very subtle, but he was very fast in turnaround,
>and as he wants to be paid in US dollars, the cost was fairly low.


What form of payment do you use? Does he take checks drawn on US banks, or
some other instrument?