Re: Fokker D VII data needed

Mick Fauchon (
Thu, 7 Sep 1995 16:46:53 +1000 (EST)

> > Thanks! I have no reference materials except the decal sheet, so
> >your insights are extremely welcome 8^)

Can you give us a description of the drawing on the dec. sheet?

> It shows the plane alone - no pilot.

That seems to be the one I have.
> According to the text it was an early production craft.

Yeeees......but it's difficult to tell, as all the panelling detail
is in deep shadow, which makes a lot of assumptions very risky. Apart
from that, it's a poor quality photo.

The fuselage
> is painted in the streaky dark olive scheme with the four color
> lozenge pattern on the wings.

I'd be happy to go along with that.

The rudder and vertical fin appears to
> be all white, while the horizontal tail plane has two wide bars
> running from the front of the tailplane to the end of the elevators.

Yes: low-contrast colours; could be red/yellow? red/orange?
blue/green? Almost impossible to tell.

> There is a shield shaped emblem on the starboard side of the
> fuselage. The text describes it as a black cross on a white shield
> being that of the crest of Kraut's home town, the city of Thorn.

Afraid not; the coat-of-arms of Thorn is quite different.

It is
> difficult to tell, but the wheels and nose may be painted black as you
> problably know was the unit colors of Jasta 4.
As far as I know, black was the colour of Jasta 6; 4's colour,
at least on DVIIs, *appears* to have been a creamy off-white colour.
The colour plate in the latest SAM has black as well, and also the
rear fuselage aft of the tailplane as black, but I doubt that: could
come from confusion with the shadow in the photo.

> Hope this helps.


.....more to follow.


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