Re: Wood Props - M. Digmayer

Brian Bushe (
07 Sep 1995 09:38:43 +0100

In <v02120d01ac73f28f9430@[]>, Rick DeNatale wrote:
>>I have seen Martin Digmayers props. Ordered a pair from him.
>>VERY NICE!! He has a list with both 1/48 and 1/72 scale,
>>and he offers several types for one aircraft, if that is
>>appropriate. (Such as an Axial and a Garuda for an XX D.XXI,
>>if that is what was used.)
>>Mine were not of as contrasting a laminate as I would have liked,
>>so the contrast is very subtle, but he was very fast in turnaround,
>>and as he wants to be paid in US dollars, the cost was fairly low.
>What form of payment do you use? Does he take checks drawn on US banks, or
>some other instrument?

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